The following photos were taken at various locations outside of my yard but within North Florida. For the time being, they are sorted alphabetically. The species shown neither are included in the Species List nor do they add to the species count in the page footer.

Papilio polyxenes asterias
Black Swallowtail

Actia luna
Luna Moth ♂

Alligator mississippiensis
American Alligator

Artace cribraria - Hodges#7683
Dot-Lined White

Automeris io - Hodges#7746
Io Moth

Butorides virescens
Green Heron

Chortophaga australior
Green-Striped Grasshopper - imm

Enallagma vesperum
Vesper Bluet

Gallinula chloropus
Common moorhen

Gasteracantha cancriformis
Spinybacked Orbweaver

Ischnura ramburii
Rambur's Forktail

Nephila clavipes
Banana Spider

Pantala flavescens
Wandering Glider

Plestiodon fasciatus
Five-lined Skink

Pyrgus oileus
Tropical Checkered-Skipper ♂