Coelotanypus tricolor ♀.
Size: approx. 5 mm. Photo: 09/18/14, 10 pm.

A cool looking, colorful midge. The genus has at least three species in the eastern half of the country. While overall fairly small, it stood up rather "tall" on the house wall, which immediately caught my attention.  
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Coelotanypus concinnus ♀.
Size: approx. 3 mm. Photo: 05/12/15, 10 pm.

This pretty midge can be found in near extremely eutrophic (nutrient-rich), medium to large lakes. One translation of the Latin word "concinnus" is actually "pretty". This specimen was clearly not a good walker and its movements looked rather awkward but I do not know whether this feature is characteristic for the species. 
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