Hentzia palmarum (Common Hentz Jumper) ♂.
Size: approx. 3-6 mm. Photo: 07/16/11, 5 pm.

Another tiny jumping spider: Hentzia palmarum. This one is a male. There are only four species of Hentzia in the US and only two outside of Florida and Georgia. The genus refers to Nicholas Hentz (1797-1856), a French-born entomologist, engraver, and painter, who named over 100 species of spiders. The small photo was taken on 07/16/11 at 5 pm. 

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Hentzia palmarum (Common Hentz Jumper) ♀.
Size: approx. 3-6 mm. Photo: 08/09/11, 2 pm.

... and this is a female of Hentzia palmarum. It is paler, hairier, and 10-20% larger than the male. Some females have forward pointing triangular patterns on their abdomen. In this specimen the markings are more stripe-like. 
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Hentzia mitrata ♂.
Size: approx. 4 mm. Photo: 09/06/14, 1 pm.

This species is usually smaller and lighter in color than H. palmarum. Males are bright brown. The edges of their body and legs are white.  
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