Melanotus sp..
Size: approx. 7 mm. Photo: 06/10/12, 9 pm.

This click beetle is Melanotus sp. The genus has 50 over species north of Mexico. In contrast to most other beetles, click beetles have a rather flexible connection between the mesothorax and the prothorax. If placed on their back they can "click" and jump, which typically turns them right side up. 
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Melanotus morosus.
Photo: 04/07/16, 9 pm.

The body color of this click beetle species is reddish-brown. Its body is evenly covered with white hairs and 10.5-13 mm long. The pronotum is wider than long. One can usually distinguish this species from M. depressus because "they have the pronotal sides parallel and not distinctly divergent as in depressus". 
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J.W. Smith, W.R. Enns, J. Kansas Entomol. Soc. 51, 42, 1978: