Metcalfa pruinosa (Citrus Flatid Planthopper).
Size: approx. 5 mm. Photo: 06/28/14, 5 pm.

Citrus flatid planthopper (Metcalfa pruinosa) a.k.a. floury mothbug. Despite the name, this bug enjoys a very wide range of host plants and rarely causes damage to crops. I found this one on our house wall. 
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Metcalfa pruinosa (Citrus Flatid Planthopper) - imm.
Photo: 05/14/16, noon.

And here is a nymph of the Citrus Flatid Planthopper. Nymphs are mainly white with tail ends covered with waxy filaments that break of easily. I found this one on my wife's dirty white car. After allowing me to take a few photos, it (the nymph not the car) suddenly jumped away. 

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