Metylophorus purus (Common Bark Louse) ♂.
Size: approx. 4 mm. Photo: 08/22/14, 11 pm.

I think that this common bark louse looks amazing. It's like a mix of scifi and halloween. The genus has three species in North America and about 50 worldwide. Its habitat ranges from the trunks of conifers to fence posts and house walls. This specimen sat on our window frame and must have been attracted by the light. Please take a moment and click on the photo to see a larger version. The small photo was taken on 08/30/18. 

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Metylophorus novaescotiae.
Size: approx. 5 mm. Photo: 09/17/14, 10 pm.

Metylophorus novaescotiae is another awesome barklouse. It lives on branches of broadleaf and conifer trees as well as certain shrubs. The markings on the wings of this species can be quite variable but it is one of the only Psocidae species in our region with a dark mark on the very tip of the forewing. Another diagnostic feature are apparently the four spots on the head. Click here for a high-resolution version of the photo.  
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