Microcrambus elegans - Hodges#5420
(Elegant Grass-veneer).
Size: approx. 8 mm. Photo: 08/16/14, 9 pm.

At rest this moth has a Halloween mask on its forewings with two upward-pointing "eyes" and a frowning down-curved "mouth". This pattern is a distinctive feature for this species which is quite common in the eastern half of the US. It prefers fields and grassy areas. The adults are active during twilight and into the night. They are attracted to light.  
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Microcrambus biguttellus - Hodges#5419
(Gold-stripe Grass-veneer).
Photo: 04/02/18, 9 pm.

The forewings of the Gold-stripe Grass-veneer have a length of about 8 mm and are white with angled lines near the costa. There are also black dots along the inner margin of the median line. The larvae feed on various grasses. Adults can be found year round in Florida.  
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