Mocis marcida - Hodges#8744 (Withered Mocis).
Size: approx. 25 mm. Photo: 03/14/16, 10 pm.

The wingspan of this moth was about 4.5 cm and it sounded rather heavy while bouncing off my porch light. There are five Mocis species in North America.  
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Mocis latipes - Hodges#8743 (Small Mocis).
Photo: 09/21/17, 9 pm.

The second Mocis species that I found in our yard. The wingspan is about 1.5". The larvae are called "Striped Grass Looper" and feed on grasses, corn, beans and turnip. The second link is for a dissertation titled "Behavioral biology of the striped grass looper, Mocis latipes (Guenée), in north-central Florida".  
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