Paectes abrostoloides - Hodges#8962
(Sweetgum Defoliator).
Size: approx. 10 mm. Photo: 08/28/14, 10 pm.

The larvae of this moth are called "Sweetgum Defoliators" but although we have several sweetgums in our yard, I have not seen the trees defoliated yet. P. abrostoloides has an unusually three-dimensional resting position. This one had its wings rather close to the wall surface and pointed its body away from the wall generating the appearance of a dried up plant structure.  
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Paectes nubifera - Hodges#8965 - imm.
Photo: 05/14/16, noon.

The range of Paectes nubifera is limited to Florida and nearby states. The adult form is a brownish moth with a wingspan of about 3 cm. The two photos show the same specimen which I found on my black truck. 

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