Polistes metricus (Paper Wasp).
Size: approx. 5-10 mm. Photo: 06/21/11, 8 am.

That's a pretty big 'paper wasp' cleaning its antennae on a jasmine leave. There are sooo many wasps and bees but it really looks like Polistes metricus. Males and females have yellow and red/brown faces, respectively. So this one is likely a gal. Only the females sting. They mainly feed on caterpillars, which surprises me because I haven't found any recently. They have an interesting life cycle as described on the wikipedia page. 
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Polistes dorsalis (Paper Wasp (nonspecific)).
Size: approx. 15 mm. Photo: 08/27/11, 6 pm.

This colorful paper wasp is Polistes dorsalis resting(?) on a lantana leave. The genus has 18 or 19 species in the US and Canada. So I have still a few to go. 

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