Pseudomyrmex sp. (gracilis ?) (Elongate Twig Ant).
Size: approx. 10 mm. Photo: 08/16/11, 10 am.

Since the 1960s the Elongate (or Mexican) Twig Ant (Pseudomyrmex gracilis) has become widespread in Florida. It has a painful sting. Nests are small (few ants), have a single queen, and one small entrance. Unlike other species in this genus, P. gracilis is not an acacia-specialist, but nests in a wide range of vegetation. This specimen was darting swiftly over my lantana leaves, which made it difficult to take this photo. There are other Pseudomyrmex species in Florida. 
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J. K. Wetterer, Fl. Entomol. 93, 535, 2010: