Scaphytopius latus (Leafhopper (nonspecific)).
Size: approx. 4-5 mm. Photo: 08/26/11, 10 am.

This leafhopper looks like a sharpshooter (to me) but belongs to a different subfamily (Deltocephalinae rather than Cicadellinae). It is Scaphytopius latus which is a probable vector of X-disease in peach trees. The genus has at least 17 species in Florida. 
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Musgrave, Entomol. Circ. 204, July 1979.:

Scaphytopius rubellus.
Photo: 04/09/15, 10 pm.

I'm sorry, Scaphytopius rubellus, but you do not look very trustworthy.
These leafhoppers are about 4-5 mm long. Their preferred food source is sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua). 
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