Spodoptera latifascia - Hodges#9670
(Velvet Armyworm Moth).
Size: approx. 40 mm. Photo: 04/11/12, 9 pm.

The Velvet Armyworm Moth (Spodoptera latifascia) is found in the Southern US and Central America. The larvae feed on the leaves of tomato plants and other crops. 

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Spodoptera ornithogalli - Hodges#9669
(Yellow-striped Armyworm Moth).
Photo: 05/13/15, 9 pm.

The wing span of this moth is about 4 cm. Its larvae are called Cotton Cutworm and feed on many herbaceous plants. 
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Spodoptera dolichos - Hodges#9671
(Sweetpotato Armyworm Moth).
Photo: 06/01/16, 10 pm.

A Sweetpotato Armyworm Moth--don't you love these names. This species is a Southerner with a range spanning from Texas to South Carolina. In the small photo (06/15/15, 10 pm), the wings are slightly spread but most of the time the moth has them closed and looks nearly elliptical as shown on the left.  

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