Virbia rubicundaria - Hodges#8122 (Ruddy Virbia).
Size: approx. 8-9 mm. Photo: 09/04/17, 10 pm.

Found in Florida, Georgia, and along the Gulf Coast to eastern Texas. Most parts of this moth are clay-colored with orange hues; only the hindwings are slightly darker (or more reddish) with brownish spots on females (not visible here). An older name for this species is Holomelina rubicundaria
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Virbia laeta - Hodges#8114 (Joyful Holomelina).
Size: approx. 20 mm. Photo: 09/20/11, 10 pm.

This tiger moth is a Joyful Holomelina (Virbia laeta). Couldn't find any information on this moth. 

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