Xestocephalus sp..
Photo: 06/04/15, 9 pm.

Wow, Xestocephalus has 120 species. This could be X. tesselatus but that's a bit of a guess. Bugguide.net mentions that this leafhopper could be "myrmecophilous" meaning (as I just learned) that the species plays a certain role in an associated host ant colony. 
bug guide (this photo):
Rakitov, J. New York Entomol. Soc. 108, 171 (2000):

Xestocephalus superbus.
Photo: 10/04/18, 8 pm.

This tiny leafhopper is an "ant-guest" living as an immature in the tunnels of ant nests, where it presumably feeds on the roots of plants. Adults fly around a lot looking for other ant nests. They are quite common in North America but perhaps not so much in Florida. When I posted this photo on bugguide.net, it was the first photo of this species for Florida. I am also intrigued by the rectangular bracket-like patterns on the leafhopper's head.  
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